Watch out for this Texting Scam About Receiving Packages!

Since the pandemic a lot of us having been ordering A LOT more online! Well now apparently there is a texting scam going around!

Scammers are sending out text messages about a package "for you"

But turns out it's just a Phishing attempt! What's Phishing?

"Phishing is the fraudulent attempt to get sensitive information by disguising oneself as a trustworthy entity through technology."

The text message that some people have received is an "urgent notice from the United States Postal Service regarding a shipment" and then there's a link!

Officials at the Federal Trade Commission urge people not to click it. They're just trying to get personal information from you!

According to Ari Lazarus, FTC consumer education specialist

"If you click on the link, it can trick you into giving personal information, like your social security number, account numbers, all types of bad stuff that can lead to identity theft, or it can lead to malware on your device,"

He also said

"If you get something from FedEx, contact FedEx directly at a phone number you know to be true, go to their website and see if indeed there is a package that way,"

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