Grandma Zoom Karen Goes Viral for Interrupting Virtual Class to Blast BLM

A woman now known as 'Zoom Karen' interrupted her granddaughter's Zoom class when she heard mention of Black Lives Matter.

Zoom Karen demanded to know why they were talking about BLM because it was a Language Arts class not History Class.

The teacher explained they were reading a story and the teacher posed the question to the class, what is the most historical event that has happened in your lifetime? Zoom Karen demanded to know how BLM was brought up and then ranted that Barack Obama was biracial, not just black and he should have owned both sides.

The teacher responded: your granddaughter brought it up. Granddaughter quickly deflected and said another student brought it up.

Have you heard anything during your child's Zoom class that either made your ears perk up or caused you to interrupt the class?

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