Tory Lanez Admits To Having A Crush On Kylie In New Song about Megan!

Tory Lanez put SO much into his new album Daystar - but one moment that stuck out was when he mentioned Kylie Jenner!

There were rumors that the fight between Megan and Tory started because he was flirting with Kylie Jenner while they were all partying at Kylie's house.

Well in a song called "Queen and Slim" - he admits to having a crush on Kylie!

This time I just know what it is

Next time the pool with you and Kylie

Hoped in it coolin', ***** wilin'

She was lookin' like a fuckin' angel

Lookin' like a baby in a manger

Hop step, went to the car

(Mother******, but, b****, you got me fucked up)

Me and Kylie still off in the pool

We just chillin', kickin' ****, was cool

Both of us didn't know you was trippin'

Even though I got a crush on Kylie, I woulda left with you if I knew you was dippin' for the simple reason

You invited me but I can't act like shawty didn't excite me

I had took a wrong turn that-night

I went out of turn and everybody think

I wasn't the wrong one that night, you was just too drunk to even see it

Does Tory think all this is suppose to justify your actions?! This is just making it worse IMO!!!

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