New Emoji's Coming - What Will We Get This Time? See Here!


Every year I look forward to getting new emojis and every year I cross my fingers that I'll get the ONE Emoji I have been asking for...for YEARS!!!

I want a Happy Face Emoji with a single tear! You know...happy crying! Like you just found out your Bestie is getting engaged or you saw a movie that was so good it made you cry! C'monnnnnnn! And don't give me the sobbing emoji, I use that one too...but sometimes a single tear with a smile is all you need!! We have a freaken pretzel often do you use that!?

ANYWAYS!!!! These are some of the new emoji's that we'll be getting at some point next year!

• Bandaged heart

• Heart on fire

• Face/head in the clouds…OR in an area where people are smoking (that was my interpretation)

• Face blowing out a breath or smoke

• Mixed-skin-tone options for couples

Options for bearded faces

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