Big Sean Reveals Whether Or Not He & Jhene Will Make Another Album Together

2017 MTV Movie And TV Awards - Red Carpet

As you remember back in 2016 Big Sean and Jhene dropped an album together and went by the name Twenty88, which was also the name of the album!

At one point Jhene and Sean broke up and fans wondering if we would ever get another album from them.

Well now that the two have been back together for some time, and Sean is in a great creative place, it looks like the answer is YES!

During a ASM with Reddit a fan asked Sean “I really like ‘Time In,’” wrote a fan. “Are you guys working on a new TWENTY88 album?” Sean responded in the affirmative, writing, “It’s in the works :).”


If you've had a chance to listen to "Detroit 2" - Sean included a track from Twenty88 called "Time In" - take a listen below!

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