Rihanna Documentary Coming Next Year!! Details Here!


Awhile it came out that Amazon paid $25 million dollars for the rights to a Rihanna Documentary but that's really all we knew...until now! So the director of the documentary Peter Berg did an interview with Collider and spoke about the documentary! He said

“The Rihanna doc is something I’ve been working on with her for almost four years now,” he said. “Amazon’s gonna release it summer next year, sometime hopefully around the Fourth of July. It’s been a really epic journey, the past four years with her.”

And apparently the film got delayed because of Rihanna's busy schedule

“She’s a remarkable woman, who everyday seems to grow and branch out into new businesses and new endeavors at a rate that it’s almost hard to keep up with,” said Berg. “So every time we think we’re going to finish the movie and put it out, she does something like start a fashion line like Fenty, or her lingerie line, or her skin care line.”

He also added

“She’s firing on all cylinders, she’s making new music now and she’s having so much success in business and she’s such an entrepreneur that we’re letting it grow, but we are gonna try and close it up in the spring and release it in the summer.”

I can't wait to see it because it's going to have crazy access into Rihanna's life! I don't normally say this, but if I could be friends with anyone female artist it would be Rihanna! She just seems like SO much fun, she's funny and loves to party! HAHA! But she also seems to love her friends!

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