Kevin Hart Shares Story About Playing Basketball w/ Kobe Bryant!

We will forever love hearing stories about Kobe Bryant! It's still so unreal that he's no longer with us!

So recently Kevin Hart did an interview with Jimmy Fallon, and Jimmy asked him if it was true that at one point he dreamed of being a pro basketball player and what made him give up! Kevin responded by saying

“I stopped growing, Jimmy. If you want to be honest, that's one of the reasons,”

Then Kevin revealed that Kobe helped him realize he just wasn't good at the game!

“But also I went to basketball camp with Kobe Bryant,” he continued. “When I went to the camp with Kobe Bryant — this is when I realized that I was not good when I saw how good Kobe was.”

“And I just wasn’t good, man, I just wasn’t good and I was mad at myself because I sold myself this dream and this dream wasn’t a reality because this man played left handed,” Hart told Fallon. “Kobe Bryant showed me that I did not have talent in a game that I thought that I did.”

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