LA Backtracks on Trick-or-Treating Ban! See What They're Saying Now!

So the other day LA County Health Officials said that there would be NO trick-or-treating allowed!

They also said that "trunk or treating" would not be allowed, no parties indoor or outdoor, no festivals, no live events and no haunted houses!

However now they have revised what they first said!

The guidelines were changed, with trick-or-treating listed as "not recommended,'' instead of "not permitted.''

Despite that change, Ferrer still insisted that allowing children to go door-to-door during the coronavirus pandemic isn't safe.

"Trick-or-treating, we're highly recommending that it not happen,'' she said. "We don't think it's an appropriate activity during a pandemic. ... You know, there's no guarantee when you go trick-or-treating that your child goes up to a house where the person who opens the door is wearing a face covering. And when you don't know the people opening the door, there's no guarantee they're not sick and that the candy they're passing out that they've touched may not be safe for you to want your child to be sharing.''

Will you allow your kids to go trick-or-treating? Will you hand out candy?

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