Truth About Rihanna's Bruised Face! It Was Just A Scooter Accident!


Aww poor Rihanna! The other day photos surfaced online of Rihanna with some bruises on her face! and everyone was wondering what happened?!

Paparazzi snapped some photos of Rihanna, trying to lay low and pick up some dinner in Santa Monica and at one point took off her glasses, and thats when you can see some bruises on her face!

And of course from there people started making up stories as to what happened to her - saying she was in some kind of physical fight!!! But Thankfully - it was just a minor accident!

Rihanna’s reps confirmed that she had an accident last week while she was on an electric Scooter!

The rep said quote - “Rihanna is completely fine now, but flipped over on an electric scooter last week and bruised her forehead and face!”

That was the extent of her injuries and has been healing nicely!

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