Police Kneel On Mans Face Then Harshly Bangs Head Against The Curb

This video is HORRIBLE. I couldn't imagine what he was going through, what his friends were going through watching this happen. The videos posted on Instagram shows police brutally handling Omar after arresting him.

A petition was started with over 13,000 signatures.

It reads:

A Hispanic male by the name Omar has been a victim of police brutality, Omar wasn’t doing anything wrong or illegal he was simply just telling his friend to get in the car because he was intoxicated and simply didn’t want anything bad to happen to his friend or for him to get in trouble. The cops decided to arrest him for caring about his friends well being and safety during all of this three cops were holding him down with one cop having his knee on Omar’s face, Omar was not resisting in any way he was pinned to the floor during this the cops violently Grabbed him and hit is face on a curb knocking Omar out for a couple of seconds and having his forehead busted open with blood pouring out, the cops didn’t do anything to stop the bleeding and Omar needs justice for this and the cops MUST be taken accountable and should be fired for the actions they have caused, this could have ended terribly the cops from Beaumont Texas should not have been so aggressive and they should not have put so much unnecessary force to someone who was not resisting at all. Omar kept saying over and over again that he didn’t want to die, this breaks my heart and he needs justice to be served GARRIS badge # 281

Please sign this petition.

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