Kellyanne Conway's Daughter Wants Emancipation from Her!

Kellyanne Conway Speaks To The Media At The White House

Kellyanne Conway has been by Donald Trump's side for a long time now - but apparently her career has been a problem for her daughter. So much so Claudia Conway is seeking emancipation! Claudia is 15 years old and has been very vocal about her stance against Donald Trump on social media. It's gotten so bad that Claudia says the strife in her family is out of control, saying it's so bad she's become numb to crying!

She says her Dad doesn't care about her and has even been abusive to her, although she hasn't shown any evidence. She also said her Mom got arrested.

Finally it seems like Kellyanne and her Husband George have decided to make their family the focus right now because George announced that he is withdrawing from Project Lincoln to devote more time to family members!

AND Kellyanne announced she will be leaving her post at the White House later this month!

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