Disney Fans Sign Petition To Rename Disneyland Restaurant On Main Street

Mickey and Minnie Mouse walk around the

Disney fans have signed a petition to change the name of the very popular Carnation Cafe on Main Street.  

The petition asks Disney to change the name of "Carnation Cafe" on Main Street to "Oscar's Carnation Cafe."

This would honor their longest-running cast member, Chef Oscar Martinez, who retired in 2017.

The petition is simple:

Honour Oscar Martinez for his lifetime of service and smiles at Disneyland by changing the name of the Carnation Cafe on Main Street --> to "Oscar's Carnation Cafe". 
Up until his retirement a couple of years ago, Oscar was Disneyland's longest-tenured employee - at 60 years of service. With no formal cooking experience, Martinez started his career as a busboy at Disneyland's Fantasy 1 restaurant in 1956, the year after the Anaheim park opened. He was one of Walt Disney's first employees and was one of the reasons our family keeps coming back. 
If you ever had the pleasure of meeting Oscar and seeing the joy he shares with everyone who visits, then no further explanation is needed. Disneyland should continue to share that joy...

Sign the petition here.

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