Did Future & Lori Harvey Break Up? See the Clues Here & Be The Judge Here!

Future and Lori Harvey have had an up and down relationship! There was rumors that they were dating awhile back but then Lori went on to date Justin Combs, Trey Songz, Diddy and then went back to Future.

From there it seemed like the couple were getting very close. They even were pictured together a lot and they celebrated her birthday in Jamaica.

You can see a bit of their PDA in the video below.

However it seems like the two might have broken up! Future recently deleted all the photos of Lori from his Instagram page (only three pictures remain) AND unfollowed Lori, Lori has also unfollowed Future.

You know when something happens in IG it's official. We haven't heard much from the couple in awhile and we know with the pandemic a lot of couples have broken up.

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