Ten Most Popular Netflix Shows Right Now! How Many Have You Seen?


Obviously we've been streaming a lot during the Pandemic - I've watched so many new shows during this time so If you’re looking for new Netflix shows to binge on you’re in luck because Huffpost.com has released a list of the top 10 most popular shows on Netflix right now. 

Coming in at number 10 is“The Last Dance”which follows Michael Jordan during the Chicago Bulls winning season.

Number Nine - is "Glow Up"

Number eight - is“Selling Sunset,”the animated show, (This was my guilty pleasure! If you loved The Hills, you'll like this show!)

Number seven - “The Seven Deadly Sins” (The perfect spot)

Number six - “World’s Most Wanted” - (I started watching this but didn't finish.)

Number five - is “Shameless.” (I've never felt the need to watch this show, but I know a lot who love it)

Number four - “Unwell” - I'm in the middle of watching this right now.

Number three - “Teenage Bounty Hunters,” “

Number two - The Umbrella Academy” - WATCH IT - WATCH IT - WATCH IT!!!!!!! I love love love this show!

Number one - “The Legend of Korra” - I haven't watched this on Netflix but I have seen the show already and plan to re-binge it!

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