Travis Scott Confirms Collab Album w/ Kid Cudi! Details Here!

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In an article with GQ Magazine Travis Scott confirmed that he has a collab album with Kid Cudi on the way!

We know the two have already dropped their track "The Scotts" - and the pair go by "The Scotts" but now we know a whole project is coming!

Apparently the two have already recorded a bunch of stuff together and when he was asked what he and Cudi have in store he responded with "Man, a lot. Some Fireness!"

The article also mentions that Travis might have a track for the upcoming movie "Tenet" - he accidentally started playing it for the interviewer but had to stop it once he realized he picked the wrong one!

Travis has seen the film though and said “I can't even explain it,” - “You literally just have to watch it. It's very fire.”

Check out the full Travis Scott article HERE!

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