A Man Kept Getting Drunk Without Drinking Alcohol

Carbon Dioxide Gas Shortage Affects Fizzy Drink Production

Have you heard of the auto-brewery syndrome?

It is a very rare syndrome caused by antibiotics.

Your gut produces alcohol with the food (sugar, carbs, grains) in your stomach and causes you to feel and act drunk. 

For years, a 47-year-old man was suffering from this illness, but he has now been cured thanks to a poop-transplant!

Insider reported: 

"Doctors were able to transfer the fecal microbiota, the bacteria present in poop, into the patient's small intestine. Thirty-four months later, he continues to be symptom-free, according to the study. 

The transplant was taken from the patient's 22-year-old daughter."

Here's more info about the auto-brewery syndrome:

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