Where Is The Next Stimulus Payment?

Economic Stimulus Package Tax Rebate Checks Printed

Are you checking Google every day to see the new update on the Stimulus check?


There's so much talk about the stimulus check, but where is it? Both Republicans and Democrats say they want to give a second round of $1,200 "stimulus checks."

It's stuck congressional gridlock. That's the short answer. 

In a tweet on Friday, Trump said he directed his secretary of the Treasury to get the money ready.

"I have directed @stevenmnuchin1 to get ready to send direct payments ($3,400 for family of four) to all Americans. DEMOCRATS ARE HOLDING THIS UP!"

So no one will get a second round of stimulus checks until both negotiators can agree on a bill that would pass both houses of Congress.

More info on Yahoo.

When do you think we will get the second stimulus check?

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