Cardi B Has Conversation With Joe Biden

Cardi B talked with Democratic Presidential nominee Joe Biden for the latest edition of Elle. 

Cardi is on the cover of the magazine. Cardi told Biden, "I don't want someone to lie to me and tell me that it’s okay not to wear a mask, that everything is going to be okay. I want a president to tell me what the steps are for us to get better, to tell me, 'This is why it is taking so long, this is why other countries are doing better than ours.'" Biden responded saying there is "no reason" why Americans can't have "all of that."

He continued telling Cardi, "I understand one of your favorite presidents is Franklin Roosevelt. Roosevelt said the American people can take anything if you tell them the truth. Sometimes the truth is hard. But right now, we're in a position where we have an opportunity to make so much progress.

The American public has had the blinders taken off." Biden and Cardi also discussed the recent social justice movement and the possibility of free education for all.

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