YouTube Twins Charged Facing 4 Years In Prison For Bank Robbery Prank

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A pair of YouTuber twins are facing felony charges over a 'prank' video where they staged a fake bank robbery.

Last October, YouTubers Alan, and Alex Stokes filmed a video where they called an Uber driver while pretending to be bank robbers carrying ski masks and carrying duffel bags of cash.

Witnesses thought it was a carjacking and called police, who surrounded the car with guns drawn before realizing it was a scam.

Did Alan and Alex learn their lesson?

No - they then tried to pull the same stunt in a different part of town just a few hours later.

Now the twins - who have over 25 million TikTok followers and 4 million YouTube subscribers - have been charged with false imprisonment and falsely reporting an emergency.

They could spend four years behind bars.

They've taken the original prank video down from their channel but people managed to rip it and repost it:

Should they serve time for this stunt?

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