Forbes Releases List of Highest Paid TikTok Stars, You'll Be Shocked!


The money listed for the TikTok stars is money made from a combination of revenue streams with the understanding it is the exposure and their follower count that enables them to make money they are making, not just being on TikTok.

#1 Addision Rae with 54 million followers earned $5 million.

#2 Charli D'Amelio has 77 million followers and earned $4 million

#3 is Charli's sister Dixie who earned $2.9 million.

Charli said she is not worried about TikTok getting banned because she will just move to one of her other platforms. 

She said for her it is not about TikTok it's about dancing.

The list excludes celebrities like The Rock and Jason Derulo.

Full FORBES LIST here.

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