Mother-In-Law Interrupts Her Sons Wedding During Vows & Gets Kicked Out!

Can you imagine your in-law doing something like this on your wedding day!

No one should ruin your day like this.

An angry mother-in-law started a fight with her VERY-soon-to-be daughter-in-law right as she was finishing her vows!

The son was criticized in the comments for not standing up for his girl, but he allegedly did after the wedding!

The video was shared on Tik Tok by the sister of the bride, who said that the mother-in-law always hated her sister.

The wedding happened in Joshua Tree, California, in 2017, but it was just recently posted.

Full story HERE.

What would you do if this happened during your wedding!?

Share your opnion below on Yappa, you can record an audio or video Yap!

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