Donald Trump Thinks We Should Delay The Election! See What He Said Here!


Donald Trump is really trying to find a way to stay in Office longer than he's suppose to (unless he wins) - in a tweet sent this morning!

Delay the Election until people can properly, securely and safely vote???

Trump has no authority to delay an election, and the Constitution gives Congress the power to set the date for voting. ALSO it should be noted that there is NO evidence that voting through mail leads to fraud!

It's interesting that he's saying this, considering that he's trailing in states that he won in 2016 or tying with Joe Biden and there is widespread disapproval of how he's handled the pandemic!

The other day he questioned why people didn't like him when he wastalking about Dr. Anthony Fauci

"It's interesting: he's got a very good approval rating. And I like that, it's good," he went on. "Because remember: he's working for this administration. He's working with us. We could have gotten other people. We could have gotten somebody else. It didn't have to be Dr. Fauci. He's working with our administration. And for the most part we've done what he and others -- and Dr. Birx and others -- have recommended."

Trump continued: "And he's got this high approval rating. So why don't I have a high approval rating with respect -- and the administration -- with respect to the virus? We should have it very high."

"So it sort of is curious," Trump said, "a man works for us, with us, very closely, Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx also, very highly thought of -- and yet, they're highly thought of, but nobody likes me?"

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