Tyga Launches Virtual Chicken Restaurant - Delivery Only! "Tyga Bites"

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Get ready to have some Tyga Bites!! Tyga has come up with an idea that could launch him into the history books. “Tyga Bites” is the name of his delivery-only virtual chicken restaurant. 

Talking withTMZ, Tyga explained how his virtual restaurant would work. He’ll work with 500 restaurants and teach them how to make his oven-baked chicken tenders.

Tyga says his tenders are antibiotic-free, baked, boneless, and will come with twelve sauces, and you can get “Tyga Tots” on the side in either regular or sweet potato options. YUM!!

For the not-so-healthy, there will be chocolate chip cookies for dessert. The concept is to help restaurants that are struggling. 

Would you order some Tyga Bites???

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