Guy Gets Arrested After He Used Covid-19 Relief Money To Buy A Lambo!

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Well that's one way to use your Covid-19 Relief money! Sadly, he was Caught!!!

So a guy in Florida has been arrested and charged with fraud and some other criminal offenses after he received $3.9 million in COVID-19 relief funds!

David T. Hines applied for about $13.5 million in PPE loans for a few companies. Any money given to a company on behalf of the program is supposed to be used for rent or mortgage costs, employee salaries and utilities.

Clearly he lied on his paperwork and how much he needed AND He used the money to get him a Lambo!

This guy SMH! There are people who are working so hard to keep their companies open and pay their employees and this guy is out here using that money to buy him a Lambo! WOW!!!!

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