Damn! Eminem's Team Says Collab Track w/ RiRi Was False Alarm!

2014 MTV Movie Awards - Show

Just when we thought we actually might be getting a new Rihanna track...our hopes were once against shattered!

The other day there were rumors that Rihanna and Eminem had a new collab on the way! CLICK HERE to read how the rumor started!

But now it seems like it was all a false alarm!

The same marketing group said this

Attention all STANS: You guys are so dedicated! If you do the research you'll find that during these days 6 years ago we was promoting the monster tour! I'm just reliving the good times! But thanks for proving once again power to and is in the people!

Stan's you guys & girls got the internet going nuts! I salute you but there's nothing going on here #TrustUs

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