Banks Will Pay You For Your Coins Amid Coin Shortage

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Have you heard about the coin shortage? 

It's a real thing, and it's happening, some stores have stopped giving customers change because of the shortage. They've asked customers to please use the exact change or pay with their cards. 

How can you possibly make more money? 

You may be able to earn extra money by taking your coins to your local bank! 

Not all banks are doing this, but call ahead of time before going!

The reason we have a coin shortage is that people aren't spending enough coins! Also, because employees in the U.S. Mint slowed production on new money due to social distancing and safety measures.

American Banker reported banks from JPMorgan Chase to community banks in Wisconsin and New York are giving away bonus cash for coins.

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Do you think we should stop using coins and move to cards and digital?

Record your opinion on Yappa below (it'll probably get played on the radio in the morning!)

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