J.R. Smith Admits He Didn't Pack Enough Underwear For NBA Bubble!

Cleveland Cavaliers Media Day

HAHA WHAT?! Ok So we all know a lot of the NBA players are in the NBA bubble right now, this is to keep them safe from Covid-19 but allow them to still play basketball!

Well the other day J.R. Smith admitted that he didn't pack enough underwear - apparently he only brought 7 pairs of underwear with him!!! HAHA!

"Honestly, I packed like seven because I thought I’d be good for once a day,” he revealed. “But I ain’t calculate all the showers in between everything that I be doing, so I’ve been running through in like two, three days. We’ve got a great laundry system, though. We’ve got a great laundry system, so I’m good.”

Doing laundry is going to get old real quick J.R. I think he should get someone to buy him some more OR even his favorite underwear brand can send him stuff! Just wipe it down before you bring it into the bubble!

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