DaniLeigh Hints That She's Done w/ DaBaby! See What She Said Here!

We only really saw DaniLeigh and DaBaby together one time and even then it looked like they could have just been two friends hanging out! But for months now there have been rumors that the two were dating!

At one point DaniLeigh got into it with DaBaby's BM on social media!

They were also at the same hotel AT the same time...coincidence, I think not!

Well now it looks like that relationship is over! The other day DaniLeigh posted a lengthy message on IG hinting that she's is single.

This is the part that makes us believe that she's done with a "relationship"

"What's not for me God will not allow... What I give love to should equally give back .. I'm giving all my love to myself, God, and to my family."

But you know what, it happens, not every relationship is meant to work out. A lot of the times it just teaches us a lesson for that time!

It's ok too, because DaniLeigh also mentions that her new album is done and she's a new person!

"I finished everything I need to.. album cover is done, my Movie is completed.. and my press looks crazy," - "I worked so hard even in the process of being hurt.. I'm clearing my mind.. cleansing my soul.. and finding closure for myself.. I'm coming back home a new person."

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