KFC Working on 3-D Chicken Nuggets

Well Cooked Poultry Safe Despite Bird Flu Fears

Would you try this?

KFC has been switching up their menu lately, but nothing can compare to the new item they’re working on, 3-D chicken nuggets.

That’s right, KFC has partnered with a bioprinting lab in Russia for a process that combines animal cells and plant-based ingredients to make chicken meat and by using the 3-D printing that will subsequently eliminate the slaughter of animals to make food.

The folks at KFC explain that the nuggets will still have the floor that you’re used to enjoying.

A test product is scheduled to be ready to taste in Russia this fall.

Maybe we’ll eventually be able to print food at home! #LazyPeopleDreams

Like KFC said in the press release;

Scientists all over the world are working hard on solutions that would allow stable food provision for the growing global population while reducing the negative impact on the environment. The use of technologies based on 3D bioprinting may become a promising field in this area.

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