Khloé Kardashian Finally Responds To Those Pregnancy & Baby Shower Rumors!

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Last week it seemed that Khloé Kardashain celebrated a Baby Shower and a lot of people were wondering if the baby shower was for her!

We know that her and Tristan have been getting along very well especially during quarantine! Well Khloé did indeed say it WAS a Baby Shower!

However, it was not for her! (Darn!)

It for sure was a baby shower but I thought it was either for Khloé or a friend.

Turns out it was the later! Khloe was doing an interview and revealed that it indeed was for a friend!

Khloé said "It was actually for a friend of ours" - "We threw a baby shower, and it was such a weird time to do that right now. Everyone wore these face shields and masks, and we had to be six feet apart through the whole shower. It was so strange, but still great that we were able to celebrate.

Ok, you're off the hook Khloé...for now, but we're still watching you! xoxo

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