This Picture of a ‘Human-Sized’ Bat is Not Fake

(Credit) Twitter @AlexJoestar622

Do you remember seeing a photo of the "human-sized bat" around the internet?

The picture was initially posted on Reddit in 2018 and made its way everywhere else since.

It recently resurfaced on the internet again, and people are freaked out.

The truth is, I didn't think it was real at first.

I figured it had to be photoshopped.

It's not.

It's true... that this bat is large, it's the largest in its species!

So according to Snopes, they're called "fruit bats" or "flying foxes." They're vegetarians and love eating fruits!

The reason the bat looks huge in the picture is because of the angle it was taken in.

Their bodies are about a foot tall, and they don't weigh more than 3 lbs.

Their wings do grow up to 5 1/2 feet, so they're not fully human-sized, but they're huge!

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