NBA Team the 76ers Launch Investigation Into Bullied Dancer!

Miami Heat v Philadelphia 76ers - Game Three

It all started with one of Trey Songz's IG post! It shared a story of a 76er dancer named Yahne, she claims that while she was a dancer on the team, she was bullied and racially profiled! Trey posted a video from another girl on the team, her name is Annie and in the video she's talking to Yahne!

After that the girl in the video contacted Trey and told him to take it down!

Yahne claims she went to her coach to complain and was told something would be done, but nothing ever happened!

Well now that the story has gone viral the 76ers have spoken out, they said that they are aware of the videos and are launching an investigation, however I believe both girls are not on the team anymore!

Since this whole thing has blown up, Annie has released this statement on her IG!

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