What Lead To The Fight Between the Knicks & Grizzlies Last Night??

Memphis Grizzlies v New York Knicks

Nearing the end of the game between the Knicks and the Grizzlies, Memphis was clearly going to win the game. That's when Jae Crowder from the Grizzlies stole the ball from Julius Randle and went to take a three. Knicks player Elfrid Payton was NOT ok with this so he ran over and shoved Jae to the floor! Jae jumps back up and goes at Elfrid! That's when it pretty much cleared the benches and everyone was jumping in!

After that Jae, Elfrid and Marcus Morris were ejected from the game. After the game Marcus talked to reporters and his comments became sexist

“I think dude was just, he plays the game a different way, just a lot of female tendencies on the court,” Morris said. “Flopping, throwing his head back the entire game. This is a man’s game, and you just get tired of it.

A bit later Marcus apologized for his comments.

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