Did Chris Brown Just Say He's "Still In Love" with Rihanna?!?!

An Alternative Look At The 55th Annual GRAMMY Awards

Obviously I don't need to go through everything that WAS the relationship between Rihanna and Chris Brown!

But they've been broken up for a long time however it came out recently that Rihanna is now single! She was with her Billionaire Boyfriend for three years! But maybe that she's single, Chris feels like he can freely talk about how he feels about Rihanna!

In a now deleted post Chris posted a photo of him in an interview while he was In the Neighborhood, and he left this comment

"When someone asks, after all this time... why are u still in love WITH HER? My ANSWER: BECAUSE TIME HAS NO RELEVANCE WHEN ITS UNCONDITIONAL,"

Obviously fans let Chris know exactly how they felt about his post, and thats probably why he later deleted it! What do you think? Do you think Rihanna would EVER give him another chance? Or Is Chris just trolling?

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