Vanessa Hudgens Moves On...with Laker Player Kyle Kuzma!

Last week news broke that Vanessa Hudgens and her boyfriend Austin Butler had broken up after dating for 9 years!

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I can't even lie, I was bummed when I heard the news! I thought they were the cutest couple. Plus I would see them in the Valley all the time and they were just so great together! Granted, no relationship is perfect, but 9 years is a long time! The last time Vanessa posted anything on social media with Austin was in October! So between October and now they broke up!

But it looks like Vanessa is ready to start dating again! And to be fair, we don't their relationship, so she might be ready to get out there and have a little fun!

Well looks like she's having fun with Laker player Kyle Kuzma! First the couple was spotted having an intimate dinner in Brooklyn. Witnesses said they were laughing and having a good time.

The date must have went well because the next night Vanessa decided to go to the Lakers Knicks game to watch Kyle play!

Honestly I don't believe this is going to turn into anything too serious, maybe just some fun! Kyle is 7 years younger than Vanessa!

Plus she just got out of a HUGE relationship, this is what people do, they go on some dates, have a fling and then move on! Get it girl!!!!

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