L.A. City Council Wants To Ask MLB to Give the Dodgers The Championship!!!

St Louis Cardinals  v Los Angeles Dodgers

I'm sure you guys have seen everything that is going down with MLB right now but the main thing is that after an investigation it was found that the Houston Astros cheated during the 2017 season and playoffs. If they didn't cheat most likely they wouldn't have made it to the World Series!

Well now the L.A. City Council is drafting a proposal to ask MLB to revoke the World Series Titles from the Houston Astros AND The Boston Red Soxs & give it to the Dodgers!

“This is an equity and justice thing,” L.A. Councilman Gil Cedillo told the Los Angeles Times. “Who was the best team in 2017? Who was the best team in 2018? It was the Dodgers. They got beat by teams that were cheating.”

Obviously this doesn't mean MLB will do that but STILL! At least as a city we're standing up and telling them what we want!!!

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