More Than 30k People Have Signed A Petition To Get Wendy Williams Fired!

As you know Wendy Williams doesn't have a filter and goes in on everyone...but sometimes this girl needs to be a bit more sensitive! The other day during her show she talked about Joaquin Phoenix and mentioned his Clef Lip!

A Cleft palate is a common birth condition. It can occur alone or as part of a genetic condition or syndrome. Symptoms arise from the opening in the mouth. They include difficulty speaking and feeding. Surgery restores normal function with minimal scarring. If needed, speech therapy helps correct speaking difficulties."

Wendy tried to compliment Joaquin's looks but ended up mocking his clef lip!! Which is so mean and a lot of people were offended! That's when a Petition was started to get Wendy Fired! Check out how many people have signed the Petition HERE!

Well Wendy finally apologized for her comments!

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