Features For Big Sean's Upcoming Album Get Leaked! See Who's On It!


2020 is THAT Year!!! We're about to get so many albums from our favorite artists like Drake, Kendrick Lamar, maybe Rihanna and of course Big Sean!

At the top of the year Big Sean had a message for his fans and indicated that this is the year he's going hard!

Then it was announced that he was on the Coachella lineup which is HUGE!!

And now we have a little insight to WHO is going to be featured on Big Sean's album! So the other day a photo of Big Sean and YK Osiris, in the photo there is a white board in the background and at the top it says "Detroit II" and then a list of songs below.

But I'm not going to lie - it's HARD To read. I need some kind of super spy equipment to zoom in and clear it up! But some people apparently have the best vision in the world because apparently they could see who is featured on this album!

So the names that people believe is on the white board is Young Thug, Future, Drake and Kendrick Lamar!

IF Kendrick Lamar is on the album that would be HUGE! Apparently the two haven't always gotten along but if they put the past behind them and jumped in the studio together that would be AMAZING because I LOVE them both!

Take a look at the photos and see if you can figure anything out!

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