Did Kim Boo Tristan Thompson at the Lakers vs. Cavs Game? You Be the Judge!

Cleveland Cavaliers v Los Angeles Lakers

Last night Kim Kardashian went to the Lakers game, they just happened to be playing against the Cavaliers. So YES that means Tristan Thompson was there and as you know Tristan use to date Khloe Kardashian but cheated on her with Jordyn Woods!

Tristan and Khloe seem to be on good terms right now and I think he was trying to get her back for some time but Kim was very critical of Tristan during that whole cheating scandal.

Well Kim was seen standing up while Tristan took the foul line during the game!

Some say she was booing and others said she was just clapping!

I can't really tell what she's doing BUT Kim did post a couple snaps during the game! If you notice the last photo she posted was of Tristan.

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