This Fan did something at the Chiefs game that made them win. A true Hero!


This guy did what he had to do for his team to comeback and win. Yes, I think we all have those superstitions when it comes to sports. Sometimes you feel that you are the bad luck and maybe if you do something like not watch on tv or attend a game, they will win. This guy went through with it and now all Kansa City Fans are thanking him for his heroic effort. Because this guy left, the Kansas City Chiefs came back in the 2nd qtr to put up a whopping 51 points to win the game! What a crazy game, when you thought the Texans had the game in the bag with such a big lead from the get go. They choked, Kansas City got in their groove and dominated. This guy is being praised online for taking one for the team and is asking the Chiefs to reward him.



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