Man Animates Himself Into A Disney Movie To Propose!

I'm in TEARS!!! This has to be the cutest thing I've ever seen! WOW! Look don't get me wrong, the day my husband proposed was one of the greatest days of my life. HOWEVER he did NOT put in this much thought into the proposal HAHA! I still love my Husband!

In an email from the location that played the video it said

“On December 30, a young man rented the Coolidge Screening Room for a surprise proposal to his girlfriend. ‘Sleeping Beauty’ is her favorite film, so he hired someone to animate a fake ending where they become the main characters and his onscreen character tosses a ring for him to ‘catch’ in real life. He went to great lengths to make this seem like a real screening, even making fake movie tickets (so the girlfriend actually unwittingly invited HIM to her own proposal), and got strangers from Reddit to show up so it wouldn’t just be her family in the room.”

Lee said “The only thing better than seeing the smartest person I know completely dumbfounded was knowing we’d get to live happily ever after together,”

The best part is that she was so confused at first because clearly the characters don't look the same! BUT then later they even had the characters "watching" the proposal! OMGGGG

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