Guy Gets Revenge On Girl Who Used Him for His Money!


We've all had our fair share of awful dates and dating awful people! Well a reddit user shared his story the other day about a girl that was using him for his money!

A Reddit user “redberryberry” said he was talking to a girl he met from a lifeguard certification course and would often take her out to eat. He always paid for her dates and she never was available for dates that didn’t involve money. 

A friend of his sent a screenshot of a conversation he had with the girl and after asking her if she and “redberryberry” were dating she said “as long as he keeps paying for everything” she would continue to go out on dates. 

He sent the screenshot to “redberryberry” who in turn took the woman out on one more date to an expensive hibachi restaurant, racking up a huge bill. “Redberryberry” excused himself to the bathroom, leaving the girl with the bill and no ride.

She texted him angrily saying she had to call her mother to come to pay for the meal because she had no money...sweet revenge had been had.

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