WOW! This Guy Loses It Because His Girl Won't Get Him Red Lobster!

Red Lobster Sold To Golden Gate Capital For 2.1 Billion

Lets be honest, people break up for a lot of reasons, some good...others stupid! THIS is clearly one of those stupid times! However I will say I feel like this wasn't about Red Lobster and he was just trying to find a way out of the relationship!

So a girl Teonna shared her text messages between her and her man and how he lost it because she couldn't get her Red Lobster!

You have to read through these messages - it's CRAZY how CRAZY he is and how many times he brings up Red Lobster!

Teonna did answer some questions about the relationship - she said

Ok so to answer some question. This guy & I have been talking/seeing each other for a month or so. This wasn’t some long abusive relationship. The few times I went over I would ask if he was hungry or needed anything (I asked anyone this) it wasn’t like I was tryna give him

She also said

This man is broke, struggling to make rent & pay his shit off and complained to me all the time like I was going to fix it. I’d let him complain all he wants but wasn’t going out of my way for him besides referring people who wanted tattoo to him. We weren’t even hooking up. Naturally i take care of people, I love & care deeply for the people in my life and I always go above and beyond wether he’s my boyfriend or it’s one of my friends. Have a good heart DOESNT mean I deserved this so stop saying I deserved this Bc I was

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