Why Did Beyonce Bring Her Own Alcohol To The Golden Globes?!

If you watched the Golden Globes then you might have noticed that Beyonce was in the house!! Some were surprised since she didn't watch the carpet. She also was a little late to the show as well. She and Jay-Z showed up during Kate McKinnon's speech for Ellen DeGeneres!

Beyonce was nominated for her song "Spirit" which was part of the Lion King soundtrack. Sadly she did not win but that's ok, she looked AMAZING!

Someone in the crowd realized that Beyonce was coming in late and took a snap shot of her waiting to walk in. That's when people noticed that Beyonce and Jay-Z's bodyguard was carrying two bottles of Ace of Spades Champagne!

Some people who don't know a lot about Jay-Z's business ventures were quick to judge them. Saying things like

"Just wanna know why they couldn’t arrive to their table on time like all the real talented directors, actors, screen writers, etc?"

BUTTTTT here's the thing Jay-Z OWNS Ace of Spades and The Golden Globes is a "Moët" sponsored event. So c'mon the owner of a Champagne company can't be seen with a competing company. So that's why Jay-Z & Beyonce had to bring their own bottles of Aces of Spades" to the event.

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