What To Do With Your Thanksgiving Leftovers

Face it; unless you go out on Thanksgiving and aren't sent home with a doggie bag, you're going to have leftovers piled up in the fridge. Here's what to do with them. Don't fear the turkey drying out.

Former Washington Post staffer Renee Schettler suggests frying it up with "copious amounts of butter," then putting the meat along with bacon, avocado, mayo and red onion into a sandwich.

The dinner rolls can be made into bread pudding, while the cranberry sauce could be turned into a BBQ sauce. Try stuffing waffles for breakfast. But if you don't have an iron, use the leftovers as fritters or to fill other foods like mushroom caps.

Which other meals could you create with your Thanksgiving leftovers? How long do you hang on to them?

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