Playboi Carti's Recent Robbery Exposed A Secret w/ Iggy Azalea!!

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Uh Oh!!! Playboy Carti and his girlfriend Iggy Azalea were robbed!!! According to reports the robbers were able to get away with $366,000 three hundred sixty six thousand dollars worth of jewelry from the couple at their home in Atlanta! BUT get this - one of the items that was stolen might have given us a clue to as where Iggy and Playboy Carti are in their relationship! An ENGAGEMENT RING!! Apparently the ring was valued at 35 thousand dollars!!

We can’t be too sure if they couple is already engaged or if Playboy Carti was planing to propose and they found the ring!

Iggy was in the basement when the burglary occurred and heard footsteps, but thought it was Carti. She told the Atlanta Police Department it was raining, and she left a back door unlocked so Carti could enter the house. She also told cops she thought the thief had a gun.

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