Fans Think Chris Brown's Ex Gave Birth The Other Night! What Do You Think?

Earlier this Summer there were some rumors that came out saying that Chris Brown was expecting another baby with his now ex Ammika Harris.

Chris even made references to Ammika being his "Baby Mama" - However neither Chris or Ammika confirmed or Denied the rumors.

BUT Ammika did post a lot of photos of herself looking NOT Pregnant! But GIRLLLL we know you can be posting some old photos.

Well after a couple months the rumors died down until NOW! Fans think that Ammika gave birth because of this one photo that Chris posted! His caption read "11-20-2019"

Obviously the date means something to Chris and the photo looks like he's looking down at something...or someone!

This could be a photo of Chris looking at his new baby and "11-20-2019" is the day the baby was born.

THEN Chris posted a second photo, this one is a side photo where he's wearing a hood and on it, it says "BORN"

What another Clue?? Check out what Ammika put on her IG Story!!

So what do you think? Do you think fans are just reaching or do you think Chris has another baby??? Hit me up on Twitter and let me know! @Natalia11

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