Vegan Man Is Suing Popular Fast Food Spot! Find Put Why Here!

Shake Shack Burger Chain Considers I.P.O.

Have you heard of the "Impossible Burger"??? Basically it's a Burger that is Meatless! The pattie is plant based and super yummy!

Well Burger King has their own "Impossible Burger" and it's pretty popular!

Burger King Begins Selling Meatless Whopper Across U.S.

A man named Phillip Williams is accusing the fast food chain of cooking their "impossible" patties on the same grill that the regular burgers are cooked on! Which means the plant-based patties are being contaminated and aren't truly vegan.

Obviously if you're vegan this isn't a good thing! Burger King did not comment yet because they don't comment on pending litigation.

HOWEVER - Impossible Foods Inc, which helped create the Impossible Whopper, has said it designed the product for meat eaters who want to consume less animal protein, not for vegans or vegetarians.

SO the guy might not have a case because it's NOT something that is meant strictly for Vegans.

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