Teens Say Millennials Are Out Of Touch

"Ok Boomer" was soooo here's what happened last week.

The new thing is "Gez Z" telling the "Millennial" generation that they "too are out of touch."

The saga kicked off Saturday after a Reddit user asked teens to share which ways they believe those aged 23 to 38 are no longer with it today.

One Person notes how Millennials haven't kept up with tech trends while another points out how they've become "90s boomers," saying things like "back in my day".

Gen Zers also drag the older generation for believing everything they read on social media and getting their news from Facebook.

via to Buzzfeed:

Here are the things that teens think millennials are out of touch with.
"How fast the meme culture progresses nowadays. The difference in abstraction betweenBad Luck Brianand the Lossmemeis black and white." —AUGovernmentCanberra
Millennial age:
"The fact that 'millennial' refers to ages 23 to 38 and not just everyone young." —TheRealTrumanShow
The generational difference:
"How different they think we are from them. I was born in 2000. I know what a VHS is. We lived very similarly to '90s kids." —SirNewhallian
"Back in my day"-ing:
"They are already on that 'back in my day' B.S., where they romanticize older TV shows and talk shit about the 'kids these days.' They truly don't see the irony." —mimimomo99
Dragging Gen Z'ers:
"The fact that they're already making fun of the younger generation. I'm sure I'll end up like that someday with whatever generation is below me, because that's how it's always been. But the fact that there is a younger generation and they choose to make fun of it shows that they are no longer the young, pure generation." —Ihaveaname314
View of the economy:
"Millennials are disillusioned because the recession came just as they became adults, but they haven't spent their entire adolescence [like Gen Z] knowing that there will be nothing left for them. Gen Z isn't disillusioned — they have just never expected anything better." —notfromchicagoornyc
Complaining like boomers:
"I once heard a '90s kid complain about how kids nowadays won't understand the 'pain' of rolling up a car window with a handle instead of a button. Seriously. I call them '90s boomers." —epicjorts2095
"Saying that their music is better than ours. I mean our music isn't the greatest, but I'd much rather listen to Blueface than the Black Eyed Peas. We have good songs, and you have good songs." —mxrokii
"The fact that millennials (mostly older ones) believe everything they see on social media, and Facebook is usually their news source." —jdr350z

This is funny to me but probably because I'm defensive about it, but hey, it was an interesting read!

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