Disney Adds Warning to Racially Offensive Films - like 'Dumbo'

A few of the classic animated features that appear on the new Disney-Plus streaming service have been slightly altered since they were shown in theaters.

They now come with a warning that lets viewers know they could be in for an offensive ride. Movies like "Dumbo," "The Jungle Book" and "Lady and the Tramp" carry the following warning: "This program is presented as originally created. It may contain outdated cultural depictions."

Among those "outdated cultural depictions" are the offensive African-American black crows from 1941's "Dumbo" and the Asian-stereotyping song "We Are Siamese" from 1955's "Lady and the Tramp."

The new streaming service debuted Tuesday, picking up more than 10 million subscribers right out of the gate. Should Disney have edited out the offensive scenes? Are people over-sensitive when it comes to material from a different time in history?

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